Academic Research - Computer Applications

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1Computer Silumation-SimPyQueue-theoretic event-based simulator written in Python
2Grid Computing-P-GRADE PortalGrid portal software enabling the creation, execution and monitoring of workflows through high-level Web interfaces
OpenCogA project that aims to build a artificial general intelligence (AGI) framework. OpenCog Prime is a specific set of interacting components designed to give rise to human-equivalent artificial general intelligence
OpenCVComputer Vision Library
AForge.NETComputer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics library for the .NET Framework
ROSRobot Operating System
TREXReactive planning
CMU SphinxSpeech recognition software from Carnegie Mellon University
EmacspeakAudio desktop
Festival Speech Synthesis SystemSynthesis and recognition
Modular Audio Recognition Frameworkvoice, audio, speech NLP processing
NonVisual Desktop Access(NVDA) Screen reader for Windows
Text2SpeechLightweight and easy to use Text To Speech (TTS) Software
ESpeak compact software speech synthesizer for English and other languages
EucalyptusCloud computing software
AppScaleCloud computing platform-as-a-service
Main category: Free database management systemsDatabase management administration
FusionCharts FreeData Visualization
ParaViewPlotting and visualization functions developed by Sandia National Laboratory, capable of massively parallel flow visualization utilizing multiple computer processors
Orange (software)Data visualization and data mining for novice and experts, through visual programming or Python scripting. Extensions for bioinformatics and text mining.
RapidMinerdata mining software written in Java, fully integrating Weka, featuring 350+ operators for preprocessing, machine learning, visualization, etc.
Scriptella ETL ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool. Supports integration with J2EE and Spring. Provides connectors to CSV, LDAP, XML, JDBC/ODBC and other data sources.
WekaData mining software written in Java featuring machine learning operators for classification, regression, and clustering.
jHepWorkJava-based data analysis framework
Environment for DeveLoping KDD-Applications Supported by Index-Structures (ELKI)Data mining software framework written in Java with a focus on clustering and outlier detection methods.
This is a group of programs (Macintosh and VAX/VMS) that will allow you to perform with ease various complex multidimensional and spatial analysis procedures. More information can be found in the links below. Full documentation is provided.
BotsEDI software
AsteriskTelephony and VoIP server
EkigaVideo conferencing application for GNOME and Microsoft Windows
FreePBXFront-end and advanced PBX configuration for Asterisk
FreeSWITCHTelephony platform
JitsiJava VoIP and Instant Messaging client
QuteComFree Voice, Video and IM client application
sipXSIP Communications Server
Slrna newsreader
TwinkleVOIP softphone
XneeRecord and replay tests
Memtest86Stress-tests RAM on x86 machines
JSystemTest Automation Framework
GNU Debuggerworks for many programming languages