Academic Research - Computer Science and Engineering

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1Motorola AirDefense
Model 1250 Appliance
It is a Rack mount 1U Appliance for small wireless LAN deployments. This can be used for case study purpose.
Processor Intel Pentium IV 3.4 Ghz@ MB shared L2 cache and 800 MHz FSB
Memory I GB RAM DDR2
HDD 250 GB 7,200 RPM, SATA
Ports PS/2, RJ45, and Video connector Power 250 Watts
a)NS2 and GlomosimCan be used for simulation of networks, Adhoc networks and Wireless Sensor Networks.
b)Globus Toolkit, Ecalyptus and GridSIM Toolkits and simulators for Grid Computing and Cloud Computing. Students and researchers can use these tools for implementing Grid environment and private cloud environments.
c)WEKA and Rapid MinerTools for various datamaining operations like clustering, classification, etc.
d)Speech and NLP toolsA host of tools for speech recognition, speech synthesis and Natural Language Processing are also available.