Academic Research - Electronics & Communication Engineering

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1Synopsys Front end & Back end VLSI design softwareUsed for making IC design testing and fabrication.
2Xilinx Virtex 5 board Real Time Implementation of Audio & video signals in VLSI
Xilinx 13.1 25 users license
Used for real time implementations on VLSI chips for various applications
3Light Runner Fiber optic kitUsed for optical communication related design.
4Matlab R2011 with 22 toolboxes 25 users concurrent licenseUsed for research purpose in signal and image processing fields.
5Exata 2.0 software teaching licenseFor analysis of physical, MAC and network layer protocol in real time designing and evaluation of new protocol in MANET, WSN, MESH, Wired, Satellite, GSM
6WiMax,Bluetooth and Zigbee development boardNetwork protocol implementation and performance analysis.
7PRO AUDIO Development ToolSignal processing analysis, simulation and implementation in real time
8ADDu BF537 EZKITLITE ADI kit with VDSP++For audio and video processing and implementation in real time
9DSP starter kit TEXAS make- TMS320C5416 with code composer studioFor speech signal processing and real time implementation
10ANSYS SoftwareTo design microstrip antennas and receiver
11PROTEUS design suiteTo program ARM processor, PIC microcontroller and 8051 microcontroller