Academic Research - Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Sl. No.Name of the SupervisorReference No.Name of the UniversityResearch AreaE-Mail ID Phone No.
1Dr.N.Senthilnathan2330214AU, ChennaiPower Quality, Power Electronics and Drives
Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy
2Dr.R.Meenakumari2830018AU, ChennaiPower System, Smart Grid, Optimization Techniques, Electricity
3Dr.M.Sivachitra2630026AU, ChennaiSoft Computing, Machine
4Dr.A.Sheela 2930034AU, ChennaiPower System, Soft Computing, Smart
5Dr.M.Karthik2730009AU, ChennaiPower Electronic Converters and Control of Special Electrical Machines, Renewable Energy
6Dr.P.S.Ragavendran2840161AU, ChennaiWireless Sensor Networks, Thermo Electric Generators, Renewable Energy
7Dr.S.Albert Alexander2530020AU, ChennaiPower Electronics, Power Quality, Renewable Energy Sources, Intelligent Controller
8Dr.S.Usha2830059 AU, ChennaiDigital Image Processing, Computer Networks and Information Security, Embedded systems, Wavelet
9Dr.S.Maheswari2540097AU, ChennaiImage Watermarking, Image Processing, Signal Processing, Digital
10Dr.T.Guna Sekar2530050AU, ChennaiPower Quality, Power System, Electrical Machines, Intelligent