Academic Research - Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
NI cRIO-9004, NI cRIO-9104
LabVIEW 8.21 Professional Development System with Control Design toolkit, System Identifications Toolkit, Simulation Module, FPGA module and real-time Module
Hardware with Software
2PS-5 Power supply unit, 24Vdc,5A Universal power supply with replaceable blade Fuses.Hardware
3NI 9233 4-Channel +/-5V, 50KB/S Per Channel,24-Bit IEPE Analog Input ModuleHardware
4NI 9263 4Channel +/-10V, 100 KB/S per Channel, 16-bit Analog Output ModuleHardware
5Sound and Vibration Tool Kit SoftwareHardware
6NI PCI 6251, M Series DAQ With NI DAQ MAX driver Software.Hardware
7NI USB-6009 Data Acquisition Hardware Card Hardware
8CCD Camera + Matrox Orion Card + Accessories+ Matrox Inspector & Imaging Library SoftwareHardware with Software
9DCS system cabinet and accessories with softwareHardware with Software
10Control loop setups with field Instruments (Pressure, level, flow)Hardware
11PID ControllerHardware
12Electrical Rotary, Linear ActuatorHardware
13Absolute EncodersHardware
14Smart Field CommunicatorHardware
15Level Measurement TrainerHardware
16Calibaration of pressure gauge using Dead weight TesterHardware
17UV visible spcectrophoto meterHardware
18Hm 5006 digital spectrum analysers 500 MHzHardware
19GOS 6103 100MHz Dual Trace OscilloscopeHardware
2060MHz, 2 Channel mono, Digital Real time storage OscilloscopeHardware