Academic Research - Food Technology

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1Freeze dryerTo Study the drying kinetics of biological materials
To develop new products Namely Encapsulated materials
Production of Food powders from heat sensitive materials
2Spray drierTo make Food Powders
Micro and Nano Encapsulation studies
3Tray dryerTo Study the drying kinetics of biological materials
4Fermenter To conduct various fermentation studies
5Vacuum packaging To study the method of packaging
Characterization of packaging materials
6HomogenizerHomogenization of milk and other liquid products
7Deep freezerTo store microbial cultures and foods.
8Electrical ovenBaking of cereal based materials.
9Automatic Nitrogen estimation system
(Digestion system and distillation system)
Protein estimation of various biological materials
10Digital Visible SpectrophotometerTo analyze optical properties of food products
11BOD IncubatorTo determine the BOD Content of Effluents.
12All Quartz double distillation unitTo prepare distilled water for lab experiments
13Auto burst For finding bursting strength of various packaging materials
14Tensile Strength TesterFor finding elongation property of materials
15Automatic Box Compression Tester For finding compression strength of cardboard boxes
16Caliper Thickness Gauge For finding thickness of packaging materials
17Cobb tester For finding water absorption of paper materials
18Tearing Resistance Tester For finding tearing strength of packaging materials
19Puncture Resistance Tester For finding puncture resistance of paperboards
20Leak test Apparatus For detecting leakage in package materials
21Crush Resistance Tester For finding crush resisting strength of package materials
22Drop Tester For determining impact strength of package materials