Academic Research - Management Studies

Research Scholars

Sl. No.Name of the ScholarReg. No.Name of the UniversityName of the SupervisorResearch AreaStatus
1Dr.P.Nalini10901332017AUT, CBEDr.D.MuruganandamConsumer awarness on envieonmental issues and its impact on purchse behaviour of green productsCompleted
2Dr.S.Gopalakrishnan71031321008AUT, CBEDr.D.MuruganandamAn empirical study on assessing consumer buying behaviour towards green productsCompleted
3Dr.K.T.Kalaiselvi100931322005AUT, CBEDr.D.MuruganandamBuying behaviour of consumers towards selected white goodsCompleted
4Dr.T.Mohanasundaram71031321033AUT, CBEDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on linkage between foreign institutional investor (FII) investments and Indian stock marketCompleted
5Dr.K.P.Deepa 11101332006AUT, CBEDr.P.Karthikeyan Financial risk management in information technology projects with reference to selected software companiesCompleted
6Dr.P.Karthika11111332010AUT, CBEDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on impact of future trading and macro economic variables on stock proce volatility of S&P CNX nifty indexCompleted
7Dr.N.Gayathri1324869106AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan Dynamics of work-family conflict and enrichment on satisfaction of women academiciansCompleted
8Dr.K.Soniya 71111332014AUT, CBEDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on influence of celebrity endorsement on consumer puchase intention towards personal care productsCompleted
9Dr.R.Lavanya1224869720AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on the impact of social networking sites on professional and personal life among college studentsCompleted
10Dr.S.Muralidhar 11111331020AUT, CBEDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on service quality and its upshots on tourist satisfaction, loyalty and intention to revisit with reference to Tamilnadu tourismCompleted
11Mr.N.Prakash71131331009AUT, CBEDr.R.SomadundaramOperations ManagementPursuing
12Mr.R.Manivel Murugan 71091331031AUT, CBEDr.R.SomadundaramEntrepreneurshipPursuing
13Ms.R.Brindavathi1724867102AU, ChennaiDr.R.SomadundaramSkill gap analysis for women empowerment in SC/ST sector in erode districtPursuing
14Mr.G.Mohanraj71111331008AUT, CBEDr.P.Karthikeyan Retail Stores in CoimbatorePursuing
15Mr.N.Subramaniyan1413869701AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on performance of small cap and large cap stocksPursuing
16Mr.K.Srinivasan1413869704AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan Investor buying behaviour towards stock market with reference to salem district in Tamilnadu: A studyPursuing
17Mr.R.Manikkandan16148697101AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan An innovative inland logistical model of using multi-utility vehicle for sustainable supply chain managementPursuing
18Mr.A.Velsamy1414869110AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan An analysis of TQM in engineering colleges in Tamilnadu, IndiaPursuing
19Mr.K.Selvaraju11161331039AU, ChennaiDr.P.Karthikeyan A study on the customer behavior towards bended bread band service provider with special reference to Indian telecom industryPursuing
20Mr.R.D.Vasudevan11211331043AU, ChennaiDr.S.C.VetrivelA study on financial time series forecasting with reference to indian stock market (NSE)Pursuing
21Mr.R.Vijayakrishnan1512869103AU, ChennaiDr.S.C.VetrivelStatus of financial inclusion of rural households in salem district - A studyPursuing
22Mr.D.Babin Dhas1414869702AU, ChennaiDr.S.C.VetrivelA study on worklife balance among employees in MSME's with special refference to kanyakumari & tirunelveli districtsPursuing
23Ms.T.R.Bhavani2011260013AU, ChennaiDr.S.C.VetrivelA study on job satisfaction of employees in textile industries with special reference to Theni and Dindigul DistrictsPursuing
24Mr.R.Sivakumar2011177010AU, ChennaiDr.S.C.VetrivelA study on customer experience management in online insurance servicePursuing
25Mr.Y.Irshad Ahmed1218819701AU, ChennaiDr.V.KrishnamoorthyPromotional StrategiesPursuing
26Mr.A.M.Naveen1518119133AU, ChennaiDr.P.Vidhya PriyaAn Investigation into the Impact of Culture on Construction Project PerformancePursuing
27Ms.P.Renukadevi11111312026AU, ChennaiDr.P.SundharesalingamOptimum portfolio constructionPursuing
28Ms.R.Prabha18248691117AU, ChennaiDr.P.SundharesalingamThe impack of remarketing using geo-tageting on buyer behaviour of mobile shoppersPursuing