Academic Research - Mechanical Engineering

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1IC Engine Test Rig with eddy current dynamometerA single cylinder four stroke diesel engine fitted with eddy current dynamometer for performance analysis. Computerized monitoring of combustion characteristics for different blending of diesel and bio diesel may be carried out.
2AVL DIGAS AnalyserIt consists of sensors for sensing Co, Co2, O2,NOx and smoke of exhaust gas from IC engines
(both petrol and diesel). It consists of inbuilt data storage and printer facility.
3Vibration AnalyzerThe system consists of ADASH 4300 Vibration analyzer (frequency range: 0.8 Hz-20000 HZ), Accelerometer (100mv/g), Vibrating table (0-1000Hz) and impulse force hammer (0-2000N). It finds application in diagnostics of mechanical defects (unbalance, misalignment, looseness, physical damage etc.,) of rotating elements viz bearings and shafts of pumps, turbines etc.
4Electronic TensometerIt is a tensile testing machine consisting of DC Servomotor, Microprocessor based controller for elongation measurement with a quick grip chuck; wire size from 1mm to 8 mm diameter and strips from 1mm to 5mm thickness and a maximum width of 19 mm. Test specimen length is 135 mm. The maximum permissible load is 20 kN Specimens like polymer composites, aluminum rods and plates, copper rods and plates etc., may be tested.
5Metallurgical Microscope with high resolution cameraThis is a metallurgical device used for the analysis of microstructure of engineering materials.
It consists of USB digital camera with 400X magnification and 1024 pixel resolution.
6Micro Vicker Hardness TesterIt is a mechanical type hardness tester to find the hardness of materials such as composites.
The applied load may vary from 10 mg to 200 grams.
7Stir Casting furnaceIt is a device used for melting and casting of powder materials in powder metallurgical analysis.
The maximum melting temperature is 1350 degree Celsius with an inbuilt temperature sensor
8Coordinate Measuring MachineIt is a bridge type semi automatic 3D CMM with stylish probe and control panel with application software. The maximum traverse in X,Y, and Z coordinates are 460 mm, 500 mm, and 420 mm respectively. Accuracy of measurement is +/-0.001 mm
9Force plate with Bioware softwareIt is a device consisting of series of piezoelectric crystals, used for the ergonomic analysis (Forces Fx,Fy,Fz, and Moments Mx,My,Mz) of static and dynamic work posture in carrying out a repetitive / forceful / awkward job by workers. This helps in identifying a comfortable work posture and in enhancing safety while carrying out a job. It finds applications in man power intensive industries. Design optimization of workstation /workbench on which the work is carried out by workers may also be carried out.
10Abrasive CutterAbrasive Cutter features manual cutting action with best in class lighting, visibility and cut capacity. With its large workspace and versatile vising options, this cutter enables simple, quick and easy positioning of samples for cutting and sectioning
11Specimen Mounting PressCompression Mounting System that delivers speed and intelligence to the compression mounting process.
12Auto Polishing MachineThe goal of any method is to prepare a final polished specimen free of deformation and suitable for analysis. The initial abrasive size should be as small as possible, yet be able to create a flat surface and remove any sectioning deformation. Each subsequent step should induce as little deformation as possible while removing any damage from the previous step. Using adequate lubrication, most commonly water, throughout the process will aid in minimizing deformation.
13Inverted MicroscopeMicroscopes for material analysis must use reflected light. Whether upright or inverted, either can be paired with image capture and analysis systems, including cameras and analysis software. Common applications like grain size, porosity and phase percentage have now been incorporated into ready made routines.
14Microhardness TesterMicrohardness testing, commonly referred to as Knoop and/or Micro-Vickers testing, is performed by pressing an indentor of a specified geometry into the test surface. Applying only a single test force, the resultant impression or unrecovered area is measured. The Knoop diamond produces an elongated rhombic based diamond shaped indent with a ratio between long and short diagonals of about 7 to 1. Knoop tests are typically performed at test forces from 10 - 1000g, are best used in small test areas or on brittle materials as minimal material deformation occurs on the short diagonal area.
15Probe Sonicator Sonication is the act of applying sound energy to agitate particles in a sample, for various purposes. Ultrasonic frequencies are usually used, leading to the process also being known as ultrasonication or ultra-sonication
16Muffle Furnace A furnace with an externally heated chamber, the walls of which radiantly heat the contents of the chamber.Heating Element of the furnace is Kanthal A1 Coiled coil type wound and placed inside a grooved element holding brick with lead out taken out in a junction box to connect the attached control panel.
17Surface roughness testing machineThe surface roughness testing machine is a shop floor type surface roughness and waviness measuring instruments which, traces the surface of various machine parts, calculates their surface roughness based on roughness standards, and displays the result.
18Gas analyser compact model AVL 444 (5 Gas)Gas analyser compact model AVL 444 (5 Gas) to measure the exhaust smoke values (CO, CO2, HC, O2, NO and Lambda calculation) from all petrol, CNG, LPG and diesel driven vehicles engines.
19Flue gas analyserFlue gas analyser is used to analyse the flue gases from boilers and biomass gasifiers. CO, CO2, CxHg and SO2 flue gas temperature can be measured.
20Thermal ImagerI is used as a preventive maintenance tool. Heat dissipated from electrical utilities and thermal utilities can be studied with temperature distribution obtained by scanning thermal imaging camera.
21IR ThermometerIt is used to measure the surface temperature
22Grain Moisture MeterIt is used to find the moisture content in wood chips, vice husk and fire wood etc
23Hot wire anemometerIt is used to measure the mass flow rate of flue gas
24Indoor air quality metermeasure humidity and CO2 level in the room
25pH meterMeasure pH of liquids
26Solar PV TestingTo test the photovoltaic panels under indoor conditions
27Solar thermal testingTo test the flat plate water heater under indoor conditions
28Wind electric test kitDemonstrate working of wind electric generator by artificially blowing the air using fan
29Solar parabolic trough collector testing kitBy varying the flow rates of heat transfer fluid, the hot water generation rate can be assessed with the kit.
30Computer aided refrigeration test rigRefrigeration system performance is analysed by using computer which is interfaced with data logging system
31Computer aided air conditioning test rigPerformance of air conditioning system is evaluated and analysed by using computer which is interfaced with data logging system for different climatic conditions