Academic Research - Mechatronics Engineering

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
12620-Arctic 3G GatewayGPRS Gateway device used for remote monitoring
22500-Viola - M2M GatewayMachine to Machine Gateway used for network security with inbuilt firewall
3GSM Modem Maestro Heritage (Including Antenna & RS 232 Cable)GSM modem is used for sending alarm message to mobile phones
4Movicon SCADA (Unlimited I/O)Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition software
5LabVIEW Robotics sbRIO Starter KitFully assembled robot base starter kit
NI sRIO-9632 embedded controller
180-day evaluation of LabVIEW Robotics, LabVIEW Real-Time, and LabVIEW FPGA module software
Ultrasonic sensor, encoders, motors, battery, and charger included
6Smart Camera Evaluation KitMonochrome 640 x 480 CCD image sensor
533 MHz PowerPC
Built-in lighting controller
Quadrature encoder support, optoisolated digital I/O, and dual Gigabit Ethernet
Program with LabVIEW Real-Time Module or configure with Vision Builder AI
7NI USB-6221 ( Qty : 2 )16 analog inputs (16-bit, 250 kS/s)
2 analog outputs (16-bit, 833 kS/s); 24 digital I/O (8 clocked); 32-bit counters
High-level graphical programming environment
8LabVIEW for Robotics ModuleI/O connectivity for desktop, real-time systems, and FPGAs
Inherent parallelism for easily visualizing concurrent tasks
Connectivity to sensors and actuators from top vendors including SICK, Garmin, and Maxon
Tools for importing code from other languages including C/C++ and VHDL
Physics-based environment simulator for verifying your algorithms in software
9LABVIEW 2011 NI Academic Site License LABVIEW 2011 Professional Software for Different engineering application development platform
10Linear Motion Module 1-Stage pendulum module, 1-Stage Inverted pendulum module. GT-400-SV motion controller, Linear 1-stage IP electric control module. Linear 1 stage IP DOS experiment software (Include Source Code)
Googol Simulink software experiment platform with MATLAB Simulink
11Ball and Beam Digital Control System Ball and Beam to study different control characteristics.
Ball and Beam Mechanical Body Equipped with DC Servo Motor and Drive Electric Control Box with motion controller and DC Power supply inside. Intelligent motion control platform user guide and experimental manual.
12Intellisuite softwareMicro Product Design Software
13NI - SCXI 1000 Signal Conditioner ModuleSignal conditioner - DAQ Module for Measurement of Strain, Displacement Measurement using LVDT and Temperature measurement.
14Piezo electic Pick up sensorTo Measure Vibration
15Colour SensorColour Sensor used to sense different colour for automation application.
16Radiation PyrometerNon contact type Temperature Measurement Gun Max Temp up to 500o C
17Automation Studio 5.6 (6 user license) It is simulation software used to design and analysis of hydraulic, pneumatic, Proportional hydraulic, Proportional Pneumatic and electrical circuits for required application.
18Allen-Bradley Programmable Automation controllers with Rockwell software Bundles
(PLC Micrologix series, Compact Logix L23 Controller, Temperature Monitoring & Control System, Variable Frequency Drive, Pressure flow Control System, Human Machine Interface)
The PLCs with digital and analog module used for accurate control over field I/Os. The programming software for these PLCs enabled with Intelligent module which provides accurate control over analog I/Os.
19pH Control Pilot Plant SetupThe setup is used for pH neutralization of Industrial effluents
20Matlab Software 2017For upgrading to 2017 version and adding a SIM tool for student programming