Academic Research - Physics

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1DC/RF Magnetron sputtering unitPreparation of metal films, Oxide Materials by Reactive Sputtering, Preparation of Oxide thin films (Semiconductors, superconductors, insulators and ceramics).
Substrate temperature RT to 800 degree C and Oxygen reactive sputtering,RF Power 100W to 600W
Rotary pump,Diffusion pump,Digital pirani gauge,Digital penning Gauge,2 Inch magnetron Sputtering target holder,Substrate heater with Controller,RF Power supply,DC power supply, Matching network,Argon & Oxygen gases with regulator
2Microwave OwenSynthesis of nano materials,Model-MC2149BB,Type-Convection,Capacity-21 Lt,Temperature-220 degree C,Cavity: stainless steel,Control type-Keypad
3Magnetic Stirrer with hot platePreparation of nanomaterials by Sol-Gel method, Preparation of thin films by chemical bath deposition.
Make:REMI,Model 1MLH
4Digital BalanceAccurate weighing of samples.
Model-AY220,Accuracy- 0.1mg,Pan size-80mm,Capacity-220GM
5Ultrasonic cleanerSubstrate cleaning.
Make:Equitron,Capacity-2.5 Lt,Frequency-42KHz,Power-170W