Sl. No.DepartmentName of the ProjectPatent No. / Application No.Status
1Mechanical EngineeringAuto Fish Feed Mechanism210082Granted on 17/09/2007
2Chemical EngineeringMineralization of a Model Pollutant over Silver Modified Tio2 Immobilized on a Rotating Cylindrical Reactor211890Granted on 13/11/2007
3Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSelf-Tracking Solar Panel212165Granted on 26/11/2007
4Electronics and Communication EngineeringAutomatic Gas Stove219187Granted on 25/04/2008
5Mechanical EngineeringMecha Duster219747Granted on 13/05/2008
6Electronics and Communication EngineeringPolymorphic Keyboard For Physically Handicapped219748Granted on 13/05/2008
7Civil EngineeringElectronic Level Indicator Using Sensors220419Granted on 28/05/2008
8Information TechnologyLocker Control System Using Mobile Phone231152Granted on 03/03/2009
9Mechanical EngineeringFoldable Shoe229355Granted on 17/02/2009
10Chemical EngineeringNeem Leaf Powder as adsorbent and coagulant1905/CHE/2005Application filed on 26/12/2005 and published on 07/09/2007
11Mechatronics EngineeringPortable Dust Collector for Removing Dust4883/CHE/2014Application filed on 29/09/2014 and published on 01/07/2016
12Electronics and Communication EngineeringA Fruit Harvesting Device5280/CHE/2014Application filed on 23/10/2014 and published on 01/07/2016
13Civil EngineeringSystem for Supporting Luggage With Wheels While Ascending and Descending Staircases201641013833Application filed on 21/04/2016 and Published on 10/11/2017
14Electrical and Electronics EngineeringFast and Efficient Fertilizing Unit201641015157Application filed on 01/05/2016 and Published on 10/11/2017
15Mechanical EngineeringMulti Harvester and Land Preparator201641016349Application filed on 10/05/2016
16Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAutomated Seed Extraction System for Removing Dried Seeds from Dried Legume Fruits201741046826Application filed on 03/06/2015 and published on 09/12/2016
17Mechanical EngineeringChainless Bicycle299837 / 12-00Application filed on 29/11/2017
18Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringAn Automatic Ration Product Distribution System for Distributing one or More Ration Products to User201741044049Application filed on 08/12/2017
19Mechatronics EngineeringSystem and Method for Making Food Powder by Grinding one or More Ingredients201741044050Application filed on 08/12/2017
20Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringAutomatic Coconut Dehusking Machine With Identification of Decay in Copra201741046574Application filed on 27/12/2017
21Mechatronics EngineeringDried Seed Extraction Machine201741046826Application filed on 28/12/2017
22Civil EngineeringCarbon-di-oxide curing chamber for the production of CO2 blocks from construction and demolition debris305934Design Patent Granted on 19/02/2019