Research Activities - Chemical Engineering

Students Projects

Sl. No.Funding agencyTitle of the project InvestigatorsAmount
1TNSCST New adsorbent (Polymerized secondary bagasse pith) for colour removal from textile and deying effluentDr. K. Saravanan0.052001Completed
2TNSCST Bio fertilizer productionProf.K.Shanmugam0.062001Completed
3TNSCST Optimization studies on extraction of essential oil and oleoresin from varieties of turmerics growth in and around ErodeDr.K.Saravanan
Mr.T.V.Sriram Prabu
4TNSCST Developing construction materials (bricks) from textile industry waste sludge.Dr.R.Baskar0.052002Completed
5TNSCST Young Scientist Fellowship was received by Dr.R.Baskar Dr.R.Baskar 0.152007Completed
6TNSCST Studies on drying characteristics and decolourisation of dye using Syzygium Cumini (Black Plum)Dr.V.Chitra Devi0.102013Completed
7TNSCST Micro Channel ReactorDr.C.Gomadurai0.102017Completed
8TNSCST Control of Electro Coagulation Batch Reactor for Oil Removal from Automobile Garage WastewaterMs.D Revathi0.102017Completed
9TNSCST Treatment of industrial waste water using multioriface oscillatory baffled columnDr.K.Kannan0.102018Ongoing
10TNSCST Extraction of anti-corrosives from plantsMs.P.P.Selvi0.102018Ongoing