Research Activities - Management Studies

Students Projects

Sl. No.Funding agencyTitle of the project InvestigatorsAmount
1TNSCSTA study on inventory cost control in PDS with special reference to Erode DtMr.V.Kannan0.051999Completed
2TNSCSTProductivity analysis in powerloom industry in Erode distMr.P.Thirumoorthy0.051999Completed
3TNSCSTSocial upliftment at Handloom weavers in Erode DistrictMr.P.Thirumoorthy0.042001Completed
4TNSCSTA study on social improvement of PMRY beneficiaries in Erode DtMr.P.Thirumoorthy0.042003Completed
5TNSCSTDevelopment of Market Penetration strategies for IT in rural TamilnaduMr.R.Somasundaram0.042003Completed
6TNSCSTA study on benefits accruing to producers (farmers) and consumers through the mechanism of Ulaver Sandhai with reference to Erode districtMr. V.Kannan0.052006Completed
7TNSCSTA study on reach and usefulness of Tamilnadu Governments financial assistance scheme for unemployed youth to its beneficiaries in Erode districtsDr.R.Somasundaram0.052009Completed
8TNSCSTA study on plights and insights of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in erode district, TamilnaduDr.P.Karthikeyan0.082014Completed