Research Activities - Mechatronics Engineering

Students Projects

Sl. No.Funding agencyTitle of the project InvestigatorsAmount
1TNSCST Bio-modeling by rapid proto typingDr.M.Jayaraman0.041999Completed
2TNSCST 3D Medical model for surgical education and rehearsal by RPTDr.M.Jayaraman0.052000Completed
3TNSCST Blood flow analysis through vascular system using CFDDr.M.Jayaraman0.052001Completed
4TNSCST Microcontroller based AGV for hospital services (MTS)Dr.K.Krishnamurthy 0.042003Completed
5IEIMobile controlled robot for detecting and monitoring hazardous environment in industriesDr.K.Krishnamurthy 0.032006Completed
6IEIInstant Photo StudioMr.K.Venkatapathy
B. Meenakshipriya
7TNSCST Intelligent Odometer Dr.K.Krishnamurthy 0.052007Completed
8IEI Any Time MedicineDr.K.Krishnamurthy 0.072008Completed
9TNSCST Automatic brick making machine from AshMs.S.Sathiyavathi0.052009Completed
10IEI Automatic Fly Ash Brick Making MachineMs.S.Sathiyavathi0.942010Completed
11TNSCSTIntelligent car A/C toxic gas detector and power window control systemMr.R.Kirubasankar0.062010Completed
12TNSCSTAutomation in Banana Fiber Extraction Ms.N.Nithyavathy0.062011Completed
13TNSCSTAutomation of ceiling fan cleaning systemMs.K.Gomathi0.062012Completed
14IEI Design and fabrication of water hyacinth removing machineDr.S.Shankar0.502013Completed
15TNSCSTSemi automatic road stud installation machineDr.S.Shankar0.082014Completed
16TNSCSTDesign and Fabrication of Automatic Disposal of Garbage in Apartments and Convert into ManureMr.A.Balaji0.102017On Going
17TNSCSTDesign and Fabrication of Automatic Paper Bag Making MachineMs.K.Gomathi0.102017On Going
18TNSCSTAutomatic Money Separator and EstimatorMr.V.G.Pratheep0.102017On Going