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Welcome to Research and Development Cell

The Research and Development Cell of Kongu Engineering College is established to promote research activities. The Cell will monitor and administer Research programs offered by Anna University, Chennai. Research and Development Cell will monitor and evaluate the Candidates admitted for Research Programmes in all the departments of the Institution.

The college has 20 research centres in which faculty and students from various institutions besides the faculty and students from this college, who are interested in enhancing their qualifications in their discipline. The details of the infrastructure, publication and related research activities are presented in the respective disciplines.

The disciplines in which research centers have been approved are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Computer Science and Design
  • Computer Technology
  • Management Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English
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