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Research Policy


Research and Development (R&D) flourishes where young minds and experienced faculty work synergistically. At Kongu Engineering College, R&D is pursued with the following objectives:

  • To acquire new scientific knowledge
  • To design novel methodologies in all the fields of Engineering and Technology
  • To develop new tools and techniques to expedite problem solving with special emphasis on rural and socially relevant issues

Research and Development normally refers to future-oriented, longer-term activities in science or technology, using techniques without predetermined outcomes and with broad forecasts of commercial yield. At Kongu Engineering College, these are done to motivate the students and the faculty of the institution, to update the knowledge which leads to further investigation and progress and to give a hand to the industries in their product development. All disciplines of the college are actively engaged on Research, Development and Consultancy activities. The R & D cell of this college has been active in registering for patents, copyrights, publications in conferences, organizing conferences, seminars and workshops. About 200 proposals to various funding agencies are sent from the college every year requesting for funds for symposiums, seminars, workshops, equipments and for long term research works. The details are available in the respective disciplines. The management, knowing the importance of R&D has been magnanimous to sanction necessary funds for Research and Development. Apart from such funds sanctioned to each department, a budget is set apart every year, for innovation not only by the students and the faculty of this institution but also by the high schools in and around the institution by arranging an Open House Exhibition on science and engineering each year during the month of August. The R & D cell is very active in encouraging registration of patents as one of the IPR activities. Research promotion policy of Kongu Engineering College aims to foster and sustain excellence and leadership in Research and Innovation. Our students and faculty will be encouraged to break new ground in research and achieve first of a kind impacts in technological applications/ designs/ formulation of new public policies/institutional capabilities.

Research Promotion Policy

  • All the faculty members are encouraged to conduct research in the focused as well as interdisciplinary areas of research
  • Faculty members should utilize either Urkund/ Turnitin-Ithenticate plagiarism software’s before submitting the research papers/project proposals and its similarity index should be less than 15%
  • Full administrative and financial support is provided to all faculty/staff/students for filling of patents/other IPR related activities
  • The SEED money for internal projects is provided by the institution to encourage initial research related activities for all young potential faculties
  • The overhead charges of the grant received from the funding agency can be utilized for the purchase of equipments, partly for travel expenses pertaining to attending conferences abroad etc.,
  • Every faculty member with Ph.D. qualification shall apply for a minimum of one funded research project per year
  • Faculty members with Masters Degree qualification should compulsorily register for Ph.D. and are permitted to pursue Ph.D. under part time mode in the Anna University or any other University with full salary
  • Stipend for full time research scholars is provided by the Institution
  • Faculty member with Ph.D. qualification should publish minimum one SCI paper per year and Faculty with Masters Degree qualification should publish a minimum of two Scopus indexed paper's per year
  • Faculty members are appreciated with appropriate monitory incentives for their Web of Science (SCI/SCIE/SSCI) & Scopus indexed journal publications
  • The UG and PG projects are research focused and that should be published either in the SCI/SCIE/SSCI or Scopus indexed journals
  • The Institute encourages faculty members to establish network with other higher institutions of learning and research organizations within India and abroad and go for MOU
  • Registration Fee, travel, boarding and lodging expenses to participate in conferences/workshops/seminars and other professional development activities is provided by the Institution partly
  • The Institution supports for organization of high-level topical conferences/workshops/seminars
  • A monthly newsletter highlighting the Ph.D Viva Voce, Research projects sanctioned and Publications will be published
  • Annual awards to the faculty members for the excellence in research grants, publications, outside world interaction is provided by the Institution
  • Performance incentives is provided to all eligible faculty members with PhD qualification per year based on their research performance evaluation i.e. research publications, patents and extramural funded projects
  • Support for any other activity that can be justified by the faculty member to be of significance to carry out their research work will be provided