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Sl. No.DepartmentTitle of InventionPatent No. / Application No.Status
1Mechanical EngineeringAuto Fish Feed Mechanism210082Granted on 17/09/2007
2Chemical Complete Mineralization of a Model Pollutant over modified TiO2 immobilized on Cylindrical Glass Reactor211890Granted on 13/11/2007
3Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSelf-Tracking Solar Panel212165Granted on 26/11/2007
4Electronics and Communication EngineeringAutomatic Gas Stove219187Granted on 25/04/2008
5Mechanical EngineeringMecha Duster219747Granted on 13/05/2008
6Electronics and Communication EngineeringPolymorphic Keyboard For Physically Handicapped219748Granted on 13/05/2008
7Civil EngineeringElectronic Level Indicator Using Sensors220419Granted on 28/05/2008
8Information TechnologyLocker Control System Using Mobile Phone231152Granted on 03/03/2009
9Mechanical EngineeringFoldable Shoe229355Granted on 17/02/2009
10Food TechnologyAn Alkaline Protease Enzyme Purifying, Recovering Apparatus and Process Thereof18/CHE/2014Granted on 20/08/2019
11Mechanical EngineeringChainless Bicycle299837Design Patent Granted on 18/01/2019
12Civil EngineeringCarbon-di-oxide curing chamber for the production of CO2 blocks from construction and demolition debris305934Design Patent Granted on 19/02/2019
13Civil EngineeringCANOE328235-001Design Patent Granted on 15/03/2020
14Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAutomatic Seed Planter357886Granted on 05/02/2021
15Civil EngineeringSystem for Supporting Luggage with Wheels While Ascending and Descending Staircases367862Granted on 28/05/2021
16Electronics and Communication EngineeringA plucking device for climbing a tree and harvesting a fruit from the tree374141Granted on 09/08/2021
17Mechanical EngineeringMulti Harvester and Land Preparator376133Granted on 31/08/2021
18Civil Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Integral Permanent Panel for Concrete Form-Work364432-001Design Patent Granted on 19/05/2022
19Mechatronics EngineeringPortable Dust Collector for Removing Dust from Chalk Board Eraser409458Granted on 20/10/2022
20Civil EngineeringEducational Toy for Good Touch and Bad Touch376430-001Design Patent Granted on 30/12/2022
21Mechatronics EngineeringAutomated Seed Extraction System for Removing Dried Seeds from Dried Legume Fruits416662Granted on 03/01/2023
22Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Information Technology
Permanent form work panel for reinforced concrete beams373852-001Design Patent Granted on 27/01/2023
23Civil EngineeringPaver Block375458-001Design Patent Granted on 08/02/2023
24Civil EngineeringWater Filter380852-001Design Patent Granted on 06/03/2023
25Civil EngineeringBrick Moulding Machine381983-001Design Patent Granted on 21/03/2023
26Mechatronics EngineeringSystem and Method for Making Food Powder by Grinding one or More Ingredients510764Granted on 14/02/2024
27Electrical and Electronics EngineeringFast and Efficient Fertilizing Unit513211Granted on 21/02/2024
28Electronics and Communication EngineeringAutomatic Coconut Dehusking Machine With Identification of Decay in Coconut526009Granted on 14/03/2024
29Mechatronics EngineeringApparatus for making an edible and bioeradable food service plate530514Granted on 27/03/2024
30Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringAn Automatic Ration Product Distribution System for Distributing one or More Ration Products to User531288Granted on 01/04/2024
31Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringSelf-Monitoring and Remote Transmission Device201641011799Application filed on 04/04/2016 and published on 06/10/2017
32Electrical and Electronics EngineeringFuzzy Neural Network Based PID Control System and Method Thereof for Industrial Process Control201941024479Application filed on 20/06/2019 and published on 28/06/2019
33Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMethod for Data Compression and Encryption for Digital Communication Based on Symbols in Information Source201911028221Application filed on 13/07/2019 and published on 19/07/2019
34Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMobile, Small Size & Renewable Energy Based Power Generating System Useful for Remote Areas201911022986Application filed on 10/06/2019 and published on 21/06/2019
35Mechatronics EngineeringIntelligent Control System for Vehicles201941020280Application filed on 22/05/2019 and published on 07/06/2019
36Electrical and Electronics EngineeringIntelligent Firefighting Mobile Machine201911033160Application filed on 16/08/2019 and published on 06/09/2019
37Electronics and Communication EngineeringMethod for Minimizing Power Consumption of IoT Battery using Packet Filtration Approach201911038413Application filed on 23/09/2019 and published on 27/09/2019
38Electronics and Communication EngineeringData traffic analysis based IOT detection using honeynet DA classification technique201941043184Application filed on 24/10/2019 and published on 01/11/2019
39Electronics and Communication EngineeringFuzzy based image segmentation method for defect detection in ceramic tiles201911043625Application filed on 26/10/2019 and published on 08/11/2019
40Electronics and Communication EngineeringThe remote health monitoring system with wireless sensor and IOT through multivariate medical data201941044768Application filed on 05/11/2019 and published on 22/11/2019
41Information TechnologyIOT Health Care System for a Indoor and Outdoor Patients using PDR201941043410Application filed on 20/10/2019 and published on 29/11/2019
42Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSmart System for Cooking Gas Production Using Electromagnetic Generator201911043172Application filed on 23/10/2019 and published on 01/11/2019
43Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSystem and Method for Real Time Status Notification of Group Chat Without Using Internet201911044119Application filed on 31/10/2019 and published on 08/11/2019
44Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSecure and Real Time Status Notification Based Dynamic Messaging Method using In-Built Message Tool Without Using Internet201911045703Application filed on 11/11/2019 and published on 29/11/2019
45Electrical and Electronics EngineeringComputer Implemented Method for Generating Notification During Call Without Using Internet in Wireless Communication201911047977Application filed on 24/11/2019 and published on 06/12/2019
46Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSystem Of Agriculture Robot For Automatic Spraying Seeding, Harvesting And Monitoring Crop 201911052742Application filed on 18/12/2019 and published on 27/12/2019
47Electrical and Electronics EngineeringRefrigeration System Of Clay Cool Chamber Using Solar Energy201911053846Application filed on 25/12/2019 and published on 27/12/2019
48Electronics and Communication EngineeringSystem and method for Automatically Detecting Malaria201941051401Application filed on 12/12/2019 and published on 20/12/2019
49Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringMethod for Controling Portable Robo Arm for Teaching & Playing Purpose using IoT Sensors201911053944Application filed on 26/12/2019 and published on 03/01/2020
50Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringDesign and fabrication of android based hydraulic jack201941052527Application filed on 18/12/2019 and published on 03/01/2020
51Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringSystem and method for managing SAR value, quality of service and energy consumption for WCDMA202011000900Application filed on 08/01/2020 and published on 10/01/2020
52Electronics and Communication EngineeringSystem and method for assisting in communication for Deaf-Mute Person202011002948Application filed on 22/01/2020 and published on 07/02/2020
53Electronics and Communication EngineeringImproved Hand Operated Embroidery Tool for Easy Operation 202011003162Application filed on 24/01/2020 and Published on 07/02/2020
54Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Multifunctional Cart for Health Monitoring and Movement of Patient202011004563Application filed on 02/02/2020 and Published on 14/02/2020
55Electronics and Communication EngineeringHybrid Energy Management System using Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell Sources for Remote Region202011005557Application filed on 07/02/2020 and Published on 21/02/2020
56Information TechnologyMachine learning based system for prediction of setup security-failure of artificial lift202011004965Application filed on 05/02/2020 and Published on 14/02/2020
57Information TechnologyUnmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to autonomously and wirelessly monitor security202041010349Application filed on 11/03/2020 and Published on 13/03/2020
58Information TechnologyDeep convolutional neural network based computer implemented method of walking assistance for visually impaired person202011009400Application filed on 05/03/2020 and Published on 20/03/2020
59Electronics and Communication Engineering & CT-UGSystem for honey collecting from beehive using remote control 202011011332Application filed on 16/03/2020 and Published on 20/03/2020
60Information TechnologyA novel multiple-access edge computing technique for ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) and massive internet of things (IoT) in 5G networks202041014796Application filed on 02/04/2020 and Published on 15/05/2020
61Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Harvesting machine for tapioca vegetables202041012787Application filed on 24/03/2020 and Published on 22/05/2020
62Computer ApplicationsAutomated Vegetation Mapping Approach of Crops through Satellite Image Fusion and Convolution Neural Networks based Classification202041014696Application filed on 02/04/2020 and Published on 15/05/2020
63Computer ApplicationsFailure Prediction and Prevention Manufacturing Industry equipment and Process using Digital Twins Modeling202041017824Application filed on 27/04/2020 and Published on 29/05/2020
64Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
System for automatic fog cleaner for visi cooler 202041012783Application filed on 24/03/2020 and Published on 05/06/2020
65Electronics and Communication EngineeringA novel method for detection of quality of apples using edge detection approach 202041025188Application filed on 15/06/2020 and Published on 19/06/2020
66Electronics and Communication EngineeringSystem for solar powered automated multitasking robot for agricultural applications 202041025510Application filed on 17/06/2020 and Published on 03/07/2020
67Electronics and Communication EngineeringIoT based smart automated aquaponics system 202041028086Application filed on 01/07/2020 and Published on 10/07/2020
68Electronics and Communication EngineeringAn improved belbic controller for PMBLDC motor drives using learning techniques 202041030788Application filed on 20/07/2020 and Published on 07/08/2020
69Food TechnologyA Novel method of drying of Aloe Vera using microwave and device for its implementation202041031301Application filed on 22/07/2020 and Published on 07/08/2020
70Electronics and Communication EngineeringSmart Emergency Response System Suits with Search-and-Rescue Dogs First Responders using Voice Command and MEMS Technology202041028754Application filed on 06/07/2020 and published on 10/07/2020
71Electronics and Communication EngineeringA Restricted elementary care in healthcare system with blockchain technology202041028431Application filed on 03/07/2020 and published on 17/07/2020
72Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringTransmission power and frequency based network selection scheme for minimizing the harmful radiation from GSM mobiles202041035556Application filed on 18/08/2020 and published on 04/09/2020
73Information TechnologyMethane gas measuring device in food waste using raspberry PI, MQ-4 sensor202041036326Application filed on 24/08/2020 and published on 04/09/2020
74Mechanical EngineeringA Food Disposal Device202041036255Application filed on 22/08/2020 and Published on 11/09/2020
75Computer Applications3D Navigation Assistance system for Skull surgery using Image Processing and Machine Learning202041044241Application filed on 11/10/2020 and Published on 16/10/2020
76Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSubmersible line star reluctance motor201841040694Application filed on 29/10/2018 and Published on 11/09/2020
77Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Detection of rotor faults on asynchronous motor using motor current signature analysis and instantaneous power analysis method202011043068Application filed on 03/10/2020 and Published on 23/10/2020
78Electronics and Communication EngineeringWater harvesting provisions in underground drainage pipes 202041043755Application filed on 8/10/2020 and Published on 16/10/2020
79Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
A system of fault detection and monitoring of solar PV panels using internet of things202041047411Application filed on 30/10/2020 and Published on 06/11/2020
80Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
A system and method for channel assignment using tabu search algorithm in wireless mesh networks 202041047412Application filed on 30/10/2020 and Published on 06/11/2020
81Electrical and Electronics EngineeringA reduced switch modular multilevel inverter with fault tolerant202041047725Application filed on 02/11/2020 and Published on 13/11/2020
82Electrical and Electronics EngineeringArtificial Intelligence and voice based patients monitoring system202041048080Application filed on 04/11/2020 and Published on 13/11/2020
83Mechatronics EngineeringIoT based performance investigation system for DC motor202041049691Application filed on 13/11/2020 and Published on 20/11/2020
84Electronics and Communication Engineering A multilevel inverter topology with reduced number of switches for solar photovoltaic applications using IoT202041049724Application filed on 13/11/2020 and published on 20/11/2020
85Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringIoT Based Self Ozone Generated Vegetable And Fruit Washing Machine202041047658Application filed on 01/11/2020 and Published on 06/11/2020
86Computer ApplicationsSoftware Tool to Predict Fabric Width For Small Scale Knitting Industries202041050844Application filed on 23/11/2020 and Published on 04/12/2020
87Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringIoT Based modern site supervising method202031050746Application filed on 21/11/2020 and Published on 11/12/2020
88Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering IoT Enabled And Timely Reminder Smart Medicine Box202031048659Application filed on 06/11/2020 and Published on 11/12/2020
89Electronics and Communication EngineeringUser usage based encryption system and method thereof202041053162Application filed on 07/12/2020 and published on 11/12/2020
90Food Technology Chemical EngineeringMonitoring of Precision Viticulture System using IoT202041053754Application filed on 10/12/2020 and published on 18/12/2020
91Computer ApplicationsEnhanced power utilization and virtualization in cloud data center through cluster-MG algorithm202041054869Application filed on 17/12/2020 and Published on 25/12/2020
92Information TechnologyMethod, Utility and Device Based on Internet of Things (IoT) for Pandemic Disease Surveillance and Prediction202041050703Application filed on 12/11/2020 and Published on 01/01/2021
93Electrical and Electronics EngineeringArtificial Intelligence based multifunctional voice activated pen202041055911Application filed on 22/12/2020 and Published on 01/01/2021
94Mechanical EngineeringCloud-based data acquisition in multi-level inverters for electric power quality analysis202041057391Application filed on 31/12/2020 and Published on 08/01/2021
95Electrical and Electronics EngineeringA touchless flushing method in corona isolation ward202141000386Application filed on 05/01/2021 and Published on 08/01/2021
96Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Computer Technology-UG
A smart agriculture monitoring system using internet of things202011056466Application filed on 25/12/2020 and Published on 15/01/2021
97Computer Applications MathematicsThe detection of downy mildew disease on grapes using IoT and advanced image processing techniques202141000636Application filed on 07/01/2021 and Published on 15/01/2021
98Information TechnologyICMN- object detection system: object detection system with image classification and machine/deep neural networks202021053081Application filed on 06/12/2020 and Published on 15/01/2021
99Information TechnologyDesign and development of an automated runtime vehicle tyre monitoring unit202141001520Application filed on 13/01/2021 and Published on 22/01/2021
100Mechanical EngineeringDevelopment of artificial neck skin, back skin, chest tube products for surgery suture practice to Indian medical practitioners202141001928Application filed on 15/01/2021 and Published on 22/01/2021
101Information TechnologyHybrid phase change material embedded over glove for better comfort with AI assistance202141003350Application filed on 25/01/2021 and Published on 05/02/2021
102Electronics and Communication EngineeringWideband radar system in indoor security applications202141005234Application filed on 08/02/2021 and Published on 12/02/2021
103AutomobileEngine Lubrication Oil Condition Monitoring System Using Infrared Sensors202141004838Application filed on 04/02/2021 and Published on 12/02/2021
104Information Technology
Computer Technology-UG
AI Based women and child safety device202141005120Application filed on 05/02/2021 and Published on 12/02/2021
105Computer Technology-PGA system for residential hospitalization through integrated internet of things, fog and cloud computing platforms202141006178Application filed on 13/02/2021 and Published on 19/02/2021
106Computer Technology-PG Computer Science and Engineering Information TechnologyA smart energy metering system using internet of things202041056467Application filed on 25/12/2020 and Published on 26/02/2021
107Computer Science and Engineering Electronics and Communication EngineeringWi-Fi based home automation system using google assistance202111007809Application filed on 24/02/2021 and Published on 26/02/2021
108Electrical and Electronics EngineeringIoT and cloud based low-cost smart irrigation system202141006738Application filed on 18/02/2021 and Published on 26/02/2021
109Computer ApplicationsIntelligent Mobility Robotic Device for Locomotion of Physically Challenged People202141008444Application filed on 01/03/2021 and Published on 05/03/2021
110Electrical and Electronics EngineeringUnmanned aerial vehicle-based system and method for determining vegetation indices202141010955Application filed on 15/03/2021 and Published on 19/03/2021
111Computer ApplicationsNatural Language Processing Based Patient Medical Conditions Assessment System202141013638Application filed on 27/03/2021 and Published on 02/04/2021
112Computer Technology-UGA method for working of IoT based smart systems in 5G network202141016407Application filed on 07/04/2021 and Published on 23/04/2021
113Information TechnologyAutomated wearable dietary monitoring device and methods of recommending diet thereof202141017316Application filed on 14/04/2021 and Published on 23/04/2021
114Information TechnologyMachine learning based lifestyle coaching system to monitor health risk of lifestyle diseases202141020704Application filed on 14/04/2021 and Published on 23/04/2021
115Information TechnologyArtificial intelligence based automated material management system202141024010Application filed on 29/05/2021 and Published on 18/06/2021
116Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDesigning an electric circuit by using a neural network with bayesian inference to select sub-routes for connecting elements202141027526Application filed on 19/06/2021 and Published on 02/07/2021
117Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMethod and system for detecting growth and disease conditions based on vegetation indices of plants202141028796Application filed on 26/06/2021 and Published on 09/07/2021
118Computer Science and EngineeringSmart fabric child rescue system from sexual violence202141029353Application filed on 30/06/2021 and Published on 09/07/2021
119Information TechnologyA portable apparatus for breathing assistance to monitor the patient suffer from respiratory diseases202141028644Application filed on 25/06/2021 and Published on 09/07/2021
120Electrical and Electronics EngineeringDeep learning based irrigation model from the plant leaves pictures to enhance crop production202141031730Application filed on 14/07/2021 and Published on 16/07/2021
121Information TechnologyIntelligent wearable sweat sensor based device for monitoring and recommending personal physical fitness202111032293Application filed on 18/07/2021 and Published on 06/08/2021
122Master of Business AdministrationImpact on job analysis in company / industry202141060314Application filed on 21/12/2021 and Published on 04/02/2021
123Master of Business AdministrationRatio analysis of banking sector202121059802Application filed on 21/12/2021 and Published on 04/02/2022
124Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSystem and method for managing and sowing seeds using an unmanned aerial vehicle202241004504Application filed on 27/01/2022 and Published on 04/02/2022
125Mechatronics EngineeringApparatus for automatically making a plantable paper pen202241004332Application filed on 26/01/2022 and Published on 18/03/2022
126ChemistryEmployment generation opportunities in fluorosis affected rural areas in India: Production of cement stabilized mud blocks using sludge from MGO-CAO-MGCL2-HCL and activated alumina based de fluoridation filters202341006892Application filed on 03/02/2023 and Published on 10/02/2023
127Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device and Method of Providing Optimum Depth and Compression202341039257Application filed on 08/06/2023 and Published on 30/06/2023
128Chemical EngineeringA dual sided feminine sanitary napkin of separable use202341040972Application filed on 16/06/2023 and Published on 18/08/2023
129Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringAutomated three-sided tarpaulin closure system202341046727Application filed on 12/07/2023 and Published on 01/09/2023
130Civil EngineeringEvaluation of strength and mix proportions of granite dust bricks202341070468Application filed on 17/10/2023 and Published on 24/11/2023