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Academic Research - Computer Technology

Research Facilities

Sl. No.FacilityDescription
1Motorola AirDefense
Model 1250 Appliance
It is a Rack mount 1U Appliance for small wireless LAN deployments. This can be used for case study purpose.
Processor Intel Pentium IV 3.4 Ghz@ MB shared L2 cache and 800 MHz FSB
Memory I GB RAM DDR2
HDD 250 GB 7,200 RPM, SATA
Ports PS/2, RJ45, and Video connector Power 250 Watts
a)NS2 and GlomosimCan be used for simulation of networks, Adhoc networks and Wireless Sensor Networks.
b)Globus Toolkit, Ecalyptus and GridSIM Toolkits and simulators for Grid Computing and Cloud Computing. Students and researchers can use these tools for implementing Grid environment and private cloud environments.
c)WEKA and Rapid MinerTools for various datamaining operations like clustering, classification, etc.
d)Speech and NLP toolsA host of tools for speech recognition, speech synthesis and Natural Language Processing are also available.
2GPU Based Dell PowerEdge R740 Rack Server for ML and DL application Development Dell PowerEdge R740 Rack Server-Intel@Xeon Gold 6136 3.0G, 12 Cores per Processor, 24.75 MB L3 Cache, Turbo, HT(150W), 4*32GB RDIMM, 2666MT/s, Dual Rank Total of 128 GB, 4 * 1.2 TB 10K RPM SAS 2.5 Inch Hot Swap Hard Drive, Raid 5, 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port & 10GB 2-port SFP cards along with SFP + Modules & Optic Cables SM, Nvidia Computational Accelerator support up to 5120 Cores, 32 GB GPU memory.


Sl. No.Name of the SupervisorReference No.Name of the UniversityResearch AreaE-Mail ID Phone No.
1Dr.P.Balasubramanie9940034AU, ChennaiNetworks, Data Mining, Optimization
2Dr.E.Gothai4140016AU, ChennaiData
3Dr.G.R.Sreekanth4040090AU, ChennaiWireless Networkd, Ad Hoc Networks, Clustering,
4Dr.C.N.Vanitha4140066AU, ChennaiWireless Sensor Networks, Network Security, Machine Learning, Deep
5Dr.N.T.Renukadevi 3970022AU, ChennaiData Mining, Medical Image Classification, Machine Learning, Deep

Research Scholars

Sl. No.Name of the ScholarReg. No.Name of the UniversityName of the SupervisorResearch AreaStatus
1Ms.S.Vanitha17244691440AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieNetwork traffic analysis for securing the internet of thingsPursuing
2Ms.Malathi Eswaran21244691215AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieAutomated embryo grading system using deep learningPursuing
3Ms.S.Hamsanandhini21244691410AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieAdaptive and resilient revenue maximizing dynamic resource allocation and pricing for cloud enabled IoTPursuing
4Mr.D.Vijay Anand21144691454AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieHybrid optimization algorithms for privacy-preserving data miningPursuing
5Ms.P.Yuvarani21244697227AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramaniePrediction of heart disorders using artificial intelligence and data mining techniquesPursuing
6Ms.P.Shanmugapriya21244697522AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieHigh quality image segmentation and detection of motion artefacts in morphologiccal scan images using deep learningPursuing
7Ms.K.Karthika21234697589AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieDeep learning approach for predictive analytics in business intelligence applied sectorsPursuing
8Ms.T.E.Ramya21234697549AU, ChennaiDr.P.BalasubramanieAn effective approach for information retrieval using natural language processing based machine learning perspectivePursuing
9Mr.C.Rukumani Khandhan23144697137AU, ChennaiDr.E.GothaiDevelopment of ensemble model in cardiac arrest and death rate predictionPursuing
10Ms.P.Anusuya24249691201AU, ChennaiDr.C.N.VanithaEffective deployment of sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks for smart cities using optimization algorithmsPursuing
11Mr.K.Suresh Kumar24144691152AU, ChennaiDr.C.N.VanithaDetection and classification of colorectal cancer based on colonoscopy with deep learningPursuing
12Ms.S.Sindhu24244691591AU, ChennaiDr.C.N.VanithaEnergy aware intelligent cluster based secure routing techniques for wireless sensor networkPursuing
13Ms.P.Ramya24234691597AU, ChennaiDr.C.N.VanithaAn IoT based monitoring anddetection of green leaf plant diseases using machine learningPursuing


Sl. No.Title of the paperName of the journalInternational / NationalVol. No. / Issue No./ Page No. / YearAuthors
1Predicting the Fake Review of Products using Graph Recurrent Neural NetworkInternational Journal of Interdisciplinary Organizational StudiesInternationalVol.18(2), pp.2364-2374
February 2024
E.Boopathi Kumar
2GAN Based Image Segmentation and Classification using Vgg16 for Prediction of Lung CancerJournal of Advanced Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering TechnologyInternationalVol.35(1), pp.45-61, December 2023V.P.Swaminathan
3Meta-Heuristic Based Melanoma Skin Disease Detection and Classification Using Wolf Antlion Neural Network (WALNN) ModelInternational Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in EngineeringInternationalVol.12(9s), pp.87-95
December 2023
4 Neutrosophic Integrals by Reduction Formula and Partial Fraction Methods for Indefinite IntegralsInternational Journal of Neutrosophic ScienceInternationalVol.23(1), pp.08-16, 2024A.Manshath
M.C.Joe Anand
Nivetha Martin
Elangovan Muniyandy
5 IoT based water quality monitoring system for residential applicationAIP Conference ProceedingsInternationalVol.2901(1), December 2023B.Ravisankar
6Hybrid Tasmanian Devil and Improved Simulated Annealing-Based Clustering Algorithm for Improving Network Longevity in Wireless Sensor NetworksWireless Personal CommunicationsInternationalVol.132, pp.1553-1576, 2023R.Nidhya
7SFGDO: Smart Flower Gradient Descent Optimization Enabled Generative Adversarial Network for Recognition of Tamil Handwritten CharacterJournal of Visual Communication and Image RepresentationInternationalVol.95, p.103878, 2023N.Sasipriyaa