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Research Activities - Science and Humanities

Funded Projects

Sl. No.Name of the SchemeFunding agencyTitle of the ProjectInvestigatorsAmount
1Major Research ProjectUGCTreatment of dyeing industry effluents using low cost adsorbentsDr.P.N.Palanisamy1.722008Completed
2Major Research ProjectUGCSynthesis and study of pervoskite structured nanocrystalline thin films for the application of information storage devicesDr.K.Tamilarasan12.662009Completed
3R&D ProjectDSTTreatability studies for textile wastewater treatment- Phase-IDr.P.N.Palanisamy
4Minor Research ProjectUGCDesign and development of performance enhancement of wind assisted domestic solar hot water system by filling carbon dioxide-methane-nitrous oxide gases in the collector panel for rural areasDr.K.Prabu
5R&D ProjectICSSRExperimental studies on the alleviation of anxiety and reticence of first generation women L2 learners to SC/ST and minority communities from the select districts of Tamil Nadu using task based strategiesDr.S.Gandhimathi
Ms.M.Sakthi Radha
6Minor Research ProjectUGCStudies on the Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nanostructure Layered Double Hydroxides for the Removal of Anionic Pollutant from Dyeing Industry WastewaterDr.P.N.Palanisamy1.202016Completed
7Minor Research ProjectUGCStudies on Stability Analysis of Neural Networks with Time DelaysDr.R.Jeetendra3.002016Completed
8R&D ProjectUGC-DAEDevelopment of solution processed economical CZTS based absorber thin film for solar photovoltaic applicationsDr.K.V.Gunavathy1.752018Completed
9R&D ProjectDRDODevelopment of new fuzzy filters for the removal of linear and non-linear noises in defence satellite SAR imagesDr.M.Harikrishnan
2.542024On Going