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Research Activities - Civil Engineering

Funded Projects

Sl. No.Name of the SchemeFunding agencyTitle of the ProjectInvestigatorsAmount
1TAPTECAICTE Self compacting high performance concrete under water constructionDr.R.Malathy12.812002Completed
2R&D Project COIR BoardCoir fibre as concrete composites in disaster prone structuresDr.M.Sivaraja8.442007Completed
3SERC DSTBehaviour of Steel Tubular Sections in Filled with Concrete Using waste materialsDr.E.K.Mohanraj
4CAYTAICTESeismic Behaviour of CFST using Quarry Dust and Fly ashDr.E.K.Mohanraj10.502008Completed
5RPSAICTE Web Enabled Health Monitoring control of Disaster prone structureDr.M.Sivaraja
6BOYSCAST DSTMultifunctional cement based materialsDr.M.Sivaraja9.892009Completed
7CAYTAICTEPiezo-resistivity based self sensing concrete for disaster prone structuresDr.M.Sivaraja10.502009Completed
8SERC DSTUtilisation of Textile Effluent for Construction PurposesDr.K.Nirmal Kumar3.242010Completed
9R&DCSIRApplication of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for river water quality modelling and prediction Dr.S.Anandakumar
10Major Research ProjectUGCEffective Utilization of fly ash and processed water from rice mills for constructionDr.K.Nirmalkumar8.302011Completed
11Major Research ProjectUGCImproving the vibration energy dissipation ability of steel reinforced concrete by using admixturesMr.S.Krishnamoorthi
10.292011On going
12CAYTAICTEStudy on the use of untreated and treated tannery effluent in construction industryDr.K.Nirmal Kumar6.002012Completed
13MODROBSAICTEAdvanced Total StationMr.S.Krishnamoorthi 5.002012Completed