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Research Activities - Civil Engineering

Students Projects

Sl. No.Funding agencyTitle of the project InvestigatorsAmount
1TNSCST Colour removal of textile dye waste using low cost activated carbonDr.Shankarayya S.Salimath 0.0502004Completed
2IEIANN Based Strength Prediction for Concrete StructuresDr.M.Sivaraja0.3502005Completed
3IEI Treatment of Dyeing factory effluent using fly ash as an absorbent Dr.R.Malathy0.7002005Completed
4TNSCST Utilisation of sludge waste as a composite material in concreteDr.Shankarayya S.Salimath
5TNSCST An experimental study on partial replacement of coarse aggregate by construction and demolition debrisMr. E.K.Mohanraj0.0502006Completed
6IEI IT enabled rural infra structural interactionDr.M.Sivaraja0.0802006Completed
7IEI Behaviour of Hollow Block Masonry Wall under Seismic LoadingDr.M.Sivaraja0.0902008Completed
8IEI Corrosion Prediction using Smart SystemsDr.M.Sivaraja0.1002008Completed
9IEI Self Compacting Concrete under Elevated TemperatureDr.M.Sivaraja0.1202008Completed
10IEI Behaviour of axially loaded hollow steel columns in-filled with concrete using waste materialsMr. E.K.Mohanraj0.2602009Completed
11TNSCST Bio composite concrete panels for low cost housingMr.M.Sivaraja0.0502009Completed
12IEI Utilizations of waste materials in concrete filled steel tubular beamsDr.E.K.Mohanraj0.2402009Completed
13TNSCSTVermi composting of agro refuse and solid waste managementMr.N.Rajkumar
Ms. S.Hema
14TNSCSTAnalysis of Flyover Construction near Govt.Hospital Intersection at ErodeDr.S.Anandakumar0.0602010Completed
15TNSCSTStudy on strength Properties of Reinforced concrete Beams with waste materials and polypropylene fibresMr.P.Chandrasekaran0.0602011Completed
16TNSCSTEstimation of Ground Deformation Due to Shallow TunnellingMr.K.Raja 0.1002017Completed
17TNSCSTStudy the load carring capacity of pavar blocks with partial replacement of cement by rice huskMs.R.K.Sangeetha0.0752020Completed
18TNSCSTExperimental study on partial replacement of flyash with rice husk ash in fly ash bricksMs.R.K.Sangeetha0.0752020Completed
19AICTEGrant for study tour of atal tunnel under the AICTE youth undertaking visit for acquiring knowledge (Yuvak) schemeDr.G.S.Rampradheep2.0002021Completed
20TNSCSTA model study on bearing capactiy and settlement of square footing on clayey soil stabilized with municipal solid waste ash and steel slagMs.T.Karthika0.0752022Completed
21TNSCSTLife cycle assessment of electronic waste management in landfillMs.P.Krithiga0.0752023On Going